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McCartys Mothers Day front final

Mother’s Day 2014



This year we wanted to make a simple statement for our annual Mother’s Day Sale.  We think this says it all!  And no, we didn’t have to call the graffiti hotline after this photo shoot!  After all, there’s nothing sweeter than expressing how much we love our moms through art!

Valentine’s Day 2014

Ignite Your Passion Valentine’s Day got HOT this year!  We wanted to heat up our Valentine’s Day Sale event this year with a passionate theme around the dance of love.  And who knew owner, Page Henley, could tango!!!   The winner of our grand prize drawing got an evening for two at Sevilla in Long Beach that included dinner, cocktails and one of the best flamenco dance shows in So Cal!  Now that’s HOT!


Miracle on 2nd Street Christmas Sale 2013


We keep going back to our theme of owner, Page Henley, as Santa mainly because he looks so cute in the costume!!!   Everyone is familiar with the classic holiday story “Twas the Night before Christmas” and it was the inspiration for our 2013 Christmas Sale postcard.  But visions of sugarplums just wasn’t going to cut it so we set our dreams on something a little more sparkly!  The girls nestled all snug in their bed are our own McCarty’s staff and we had so much fun doing this one.  Testimony to our professionalism, we nailed this shot in the 5th frame!  Perfection!!!!







Sea of Love Sale – Valentine’s Day 2013

Life buoy


What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a tribute to that cheeky 70’s show “The Love Boat”?!  When we decided to give away a cruise for our grand prize drawing, the Love Boat theme was the only choice!  We LOVE dressing up owner, Page Henley, and he looked “nautical but nice” in his ship whites!  If you are old enough to remember “The Love Boat”, you’ll recognize this image as the opening credits for the cast and guest stars on the show!


Miracle on 2nd Street Christmas Sale 2012

In the spirit of getting our “glam on”, we went with a little tongue-in-cheek Christmas twist on the 70’s Charlie’s Angels TV show!  We had a blast shooting this one and played with different versions, including wearing authentic 70’s outfits!  Someone at the shoot was wearing the Santa hat  and threw it in the mix.  The word “Nice” on the hat inspired the tag line and made the choice of us wearing our angel whites a no-brainer!  The other side of the hat said “Naughty” – imagine what that would have inspired!  Feel free to get all of our autographs the next time you’re in the store!


80th Anniversary Sale 2012

It was pretty obvious that we’d try to tie in our 80th Anniversary with something to do with the number 80 and the thought of owner Page Henley as Phinneas Fogg was too good to pass up!  The scene behind Page really is Belmont Shore and if you look at the “E” in the word Years, it’s the turnaround at the end of Granada in Belmont Shore.  Go up Granada to 2nd Street and just behind the “A” in Around is our store!  We’ve been “around the Shore” for a long time and hope to remain here for many more years to come!

Summer Sale 2012

In the spirit of the 2012 Olympics, held this year in London England, we wanted to go with a lively, humorous tribute to this much anticipated event.  We also wanted to play off of owner Page Henley’s passion for fitness!  Luckily, he was able to pull this off in less than 20 shots!


Valentine’s Day Sale 2012


We enjoy listening to the 70’s station on Sirius Radio at the store and the song “Love is in the Air” by John Paul Young came on one day.  It inspired us to create a fun, romantic theme for Valentine’s Day with a matching sweepstakes grand prize of a Hot Air Balloon ride for 2 with California Dreamin’!  We had a ton of entries for this one and our lucky winner not only got to soar the skies of Temecula, but also received a $500 gift certificate to McCarty’s.   Ah, the magic of digital photography!


Miracle on 2nd Street Christmas Sale 2011

Our Christmas Sale postcards are our “christmas card” to our customers so we try to do something fun & personal each year that includes our staff and, of course, owner Page Henley.  As we were preparing to decorate the outside of the store for Christmas, we had the idea to translate the “craziness” of the retail holiday season to our promotion.   It was a blast doing this shot and we kept the party going all season long!


Endless Summer Sale 2011

Owner, Page Henley, is an avid swimmer and loves the beach!  We were inspired by the legendary poster art for the classic surf movie, “Endless Summer” and wanted to tie it all together for our early fall sale.  The weather was unseasonably warm that fall and it truly was an endless summer!  To top it off, the grand prize for our Endless Summer Sweepstakes was a Hawaiian Vacation Package!  The winners are celebrating their one year anniversary in Kauai this October 2012. 


79th Anniversary Sale 2011

Over the years, owner Page Henley has included his son Jonathan in many of our promotional postcards and our long-time customers have enjoyed watching him “grow up” in pictures.  In the spring of 2011, Jonathan graduated from high school and we thought it would be fitting to feature father & son as we celebrated the end of our seventh decade in Long Beach and the beginning of the exciting new life he is about to embark on.  Here’s to the milestones and moments we all will experience in the years to come!


Mother’s Day Sale 2011

A conversation about the old Pike area of Long Beach got us thinking about roller coasters & tattoo parlours and we thought it would be funny if Page got a tattoo that said “Mom” to promote our Mother’s Day Sale!  We liked the idea so much that we incorporated it into our sales event postcard using a little computer magic!  (Page wasn’t ready to commit to permanent ink!)  This campaign was a big hit with the ladies, especially the moms!


Valentine’s Day 2011

This particular Valentine’s Day we wanted to create an event that would celebrate romance – the kind where a man courts a woman and creates romantic moments that will be forever remembered.  So we thought about how we could partner with Belmont Shore/Naples businesses and keep the romance local!  Our promotion centered around a gondola ride for 2 with Gondola Getaway & included dinner for 2 at Michael’s on Naples.  The cherry on top was a gift certificate from McCarty’s.  Our thanks to Mike O’Toole, owner of Gondola Getaway, for donating his time and the ride (that’s him in the boat!) and to the folks at Michael’s on Naples for donating the eats!  We locals definitely stick together!!!


Miracle on 2nd Street Christmas Sale 2010

When the staff is instructed to dress for winter and show up at the beach, anything can happen!   It just so happened that this day the winds were so strong that we couldn’t find a place on the beach where there wasn’t a sandstorm!!!  Our original idea to make sand angels resulted in tears from the sand blowing in our eyes so we just huddled together and smiled for the camera!


Miracle on 2nd Street Christmas Sale 2009

Sometimes the best ideas come from just cutting loose and having fun!  We played with alot of Santa themed ideas this year, including Santa reviewing his Nice & Naughty List, but this photo brought to mind the Capital One commercial tag line, “what’s in your wallet?”  and inspired the tag line for this postcard!  We wanted our McCarty’s Santa (aka owner Page Henley) to be recognizable so we ditched the beard and glasses and went with Page’s signature smile!


77th Anniversary Sale 2009

Our 77th Anniversary Sale idea obviously was inspired by “Lucky 7″ and this year two lucky sevens were twice as nice!  Our promotion centered on the “Wheel of Giveaways” and we had a real roulette wheel in the store that customers got to spin with every purchase to win fabulous prizes.   We had a great turnout for this event and lots of folks definitely “got lucky” during this sales event!  Because what happens at McCarty’s stays at McCarty’s!


Miracle on 2nd Street Christmas Sale 2008

What can we say?!   We live by the beach!  And let it be stated for the record that building a sand snowman is a nearly impossible feat for the amateur!  But with a little creativity and alot of laughs, we pulled it off!  There’s nothing more fun than a good old fashioned “sandball” fight on the beach amongst friends!


Epic Jewelry Giveaway Sale 2008

This promotion was our first in the new campaign that we launched in 2008 featuring owner, Page Henley.   The third installment of the Indiana Jones movies came out this particular year and since we wanted to do something epic, what better inspiration than one of the most famous action heroes of all time in one of the most epic film series of all time?!  We pulled out all the stops on this one and to date, it was one of the most successful events we have ever had!


Miracle on 2nd Street Christmas Sale 2007

This was the first year that we took our holiday postcard production up a notch to bring more fun and energy into the promotion.  We wanted to create a warm, family feeling as well as capture the “wonder” of the season.  Most of us still have the pajamas we wore in the photo and our resident pup, Pearl, is still here to greet you!