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Quick Tips to Buying An Antique Engagement Ring In Great Condition

Time can take its toll on any beloved piece of jewelry and that includes the antique engagement ring you may be looking to buy. From daily wear and tear to environmental contaminants such as cleaning products, overtime the structural integrity Read More

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Selecting Luxury Watches in Certified Jewelry Stores in Long Beach, CA

Luxury watches never seem to cease to tickle the imaginations of a lot of people. Even with centuries of tradition, precise workmanship and expensive prices, people continue to acquire and invest in these amazing timepieces. Watchmakers devote years of their Read More

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Why a Lot of Couples Opt for Platinum Wedding Jewelry in Long Beach

Some engaged couples won’t settle for anything less than durable and stylish wedding rings to seal the deal, even if it means spending half of their wedding budget on these enduring symbols of love and fidelity. Platinum rings, in particular, Read More

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Save a Broken Engagement Ring! Take It to McCarty’s Jewelry, your Long Beach Jewelry Store

While it is painful to break off an engagement, a broken engagement ring can be equally heartbreaking, especially if you are in danger of losing your diamond. Buying a new one may not even be an option, particularly when the Read More

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More than a Token: A Genuine Gift from Fine Long Beach Jewelry Stores

Special occasions in Long Beach, California may never be complete without exchanging presents. For anniversaries, the best gifts you can give your wife include a vacation and jewelry. Unlike buying a vacation package, however, purchasing jewelry requires diligence to ensure Read More

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Find the Right Engagement Ring in a Trusted Long Beach Jewelry Store

Before saying “I do,” a woman must first say “yes”. An engagement is an essential part of the marriage process, as it is the start of the couple’s commitment to stay together forever. It also signifies that a wedding is Read More

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Buying Gold Jewelry in Long Beach, CA: Invest Only in Quality Pieces

Gold is universally considered to be a highly valuable mineral, and its price is one of the yardsticks in assessing a country’s economy. Unlike many other commodities, however, the price of gold is often seen to rise or remain steady Read More

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Luxury Watch Repair in Long Beach: Entrust Your Heirlooms to Experts

Over the past few years, new models of cell phones and other devices have been developed in rapid succession. Advances in technology have given rise to products that bring convenience to users, especially devices that can perform multiple functions at Read More

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The Role of a Long Beach Jewelry Expert in Engagement Ring Shopping

Most California men feel pressured on how to get the perfect engagement ring. This task understandably merits apprehension because not only will this piece of jewelry symbolize your love for your girlfriend, it will also be on their ring finger Read More

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Sourcing Your Vintage Watch from the Local Long Beach Jewelry Store

Wearing a watch is practical so you can tell the time while on the go, but if you wear a vintage watch, you are making a statement. An article posted on discusses everything that a budding collector needs to Read More

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