Find the Right Engagement Ring in a Trusted Long Beach Jewelry Store

Before saying “I do,” a woman must first say “yes”. An engagement is an essential part of the marriage process, as it is the start of the couple’s commitment to stay together forever. It also signifies that a wedding is going to take place in Long Beach, California soon.

Engagement Ring

Getting your girlfriend to say yes can be nerve wracking, but can be done with flair with good preparation, including choosing the right engagement ring. Popping the question is among the most romantic experiences in your girlfriend’s life, so the engagement ring has to be very special as well. An article written by Carly Wickell for offers a few pointers in picking the right engagement ring for the woman in your life:

Consider her Lifestyle

How will the ring fit in with her lifestyle? Does she work in a profession where fussy jewelry would look out of place? Even if she doesn’t, remember that a pointed gem with high prongscould snag clothing (and people) and is harder to keep clean. Save that type of ring for gifts that will be worn on special occasions, not every day.

Has She Hinted at her Likes and Dislikes?

Has she ever mentioned her favorite jewelry styles or pointed out engagement rings when you’re shopping together? If not, take her shopping. It isn’t difficult to steer yourselves towards the jewelry stores. If you want to be subtle, say you’re looking for a new watch, but be sure to pause at the engagement ring counters.”

The article can be summarized into one simple idea: it’s about your girl and not what’s expensive or popular. You can purchase an 18K white gold ring set with a finely cut diamond, but if that is not in keeping with your girlfriend’s taste or lifestyle, it may lose a little of its significance. It has to be something that she will want to wear every day. Other options for exquisitely cut stones may be found in a recognized Long Beach jewelry store like McCarty’s Jewelry.

Perhaps the safest bet is to take your girlfriend to such a jewelry store, and ask her to pick the ring herself. However, if you want to do the shopping on your own, it will be wise to consult with experienced Long Beach jewelers. These professionals often have a long history with engagement and wedding rings, and picking jewelry for a romantic occasion. They will have very good ideas on the perfect engagement ring for your future fiancée.

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