Why a Lot of Couples Opt for Platinum Wedding Jewelry in Long Beach

Some engaged couples won’t settle for anything less than durable and stylish wedding rings to seal the deal, even if it means spending half of their wedding budget on these enduring symbols of love and fidelity. Platinum rings, in particular, are known for their lasting beauty and value. In addition, platinum can be just as valuable as gold, depending on the alloy content.

how do i choose the best platinum jewelry

Platinum, a precious metal, has a lustrous silver-white color, high malleability and ductility, and unparalleled density. The value of a platinum ring is measured by the actual amount of platinum it contains. WiseGeek.com contributor N. Farley discusses the common mixture of typical and special platinum rings.

“The purity content of a piece of platinum jewelry is measured in parts per thousand, which means that a piece of jewelry with 950 platinum is made of 95% pure platinum. Jewelry with 85% and 95% is the most common, with both of these percentages considered to be high-quality.

Platinum jewelry with a high purity content is more durable and has a greater value, while pieces mixed with larger amounts of other metals are generally a more affordable option. If you’re looking for long-lasting wear and the highest shine, look for platinum jewelry that contains at least 85% pure platinum.

If you’re looking for platinum wedding jewelry, it is best to choose a ring that combines another hard metal like cobalt or ruthenium with the platinum, as this will improve the ring’s durability.”

While many couples choose platinum rings out of concern for durability, some prefer this precious metal due to its timeless beauty. The color and sheen of a platinum ring, after all, perfectly complements virtually any type of wedding dress. Some custom-designed pieces, particularly those from trusted jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA such as McCarty’s Jewelry, are also able to match and capture the wearer’s emotion and personality.

In addition, platinum’s naturally white sheen makes it a perfect match for any type of gemstone, particularly diamond. Although white gold provides a beautiful contrast with diamond in terms of color and sheen, platinum increases diamond’s shine through reflection. Unlike white gold, which fades to yellow over time and consequently requires rhodium plating every now and then, platinum retains its white appearance. Couples looking for the perfect platinum wedding jewelry in Long Beach would do well to choose a trusted name such as McCarty’s.

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