Save a Broken Engagement Ring! Take It to McCarty’s Jewelry, your Long Beach Jewelry Store

While it is painful to break off an engagement, a broken engagement ring can be equally heartbreaking, especially if you are in danger of losing your diamond. Buying a new one may not even be an option, particularly when the ring is question has incalculable sentimental value. For the most part, most damage can be repaired by a reputable Long Beach jewelry store such as McCarty’s Jewelry.

avoid ring disasters

The key to preserving any piece of fine jewelry is to observe commonsense precautionary measures. When you’re not wearing your ring, make sure to put it somewhere safe, out of reach of pets and garbage disposals!!! If you work with your hands, take your ring off. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man but they can fracture if they are hit just right. Also, prongs can catch and break leaving your diamond exposed and in danger of falling out of the setting. Bring your ring in to your local jewelry store regularly to have it inspected for wear and tear. They can tell you if prongs are worn down or broken and make a recommendation for maintenance or repair. Many jewelry stores in Long Beach, like McCarty’s Jewelry, offer quality cleaning, maintenance, and repair services.
Ideally, you should take a damaged ring—or any piece of fine jewelry, for that matter—to certified jewelers, preferably at the same store where you bought it. Jewelry repair is a highly specialized skill and when it comes to trusting your diamond to a reputable Long Beach jewelry repair shop, look no further than McCarty’s Jewelry.

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