Selecting Luxury Watches in Certified Jewelry Stores in Long Beach, CA

Luxury watches never seem to cease to tickle the imaginations of a lot of people. Even with centuries of tradition, precise workmanship and expensive prices, people continue to acquire and invest in these amazing timepieces. Watchmakers devote years of their life to their creations that are powered by handmade movement, and polished to perfection with finely-crafted tools.

Good Watch

Whether you’re commemorating a feat like getting that sought-after promotion or graduating with your Masters degree, a fine luxury watch can be an exceptional gift for yourself. In an article from Allure, watch expert James Malcolmson shares these valuable tips for those wishing to mark new beginnings with a timepiece steeped in tradition and brilliance:

Determine your budget.
Watches of great prestige such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet have exceptional mechanical clockwork systems and components, making them some of the most prized timepieces for collectors worldwide. It’s most likely safe to splurge on for iconic heritage brands as they have reliable design aesthetics and proven track record for quality.

Find an accredited Long Beach jewelry store.
Only purchase your timepiece from an accredited jeweler to ensure that what you’re getting is the real thing. There are quite a lot of counterfeiting incidents in the luxury watch industry so practice caution at all times.

Select your gears.
Mechanical watches typically last longer compared to watches with quartz movement. They are generally considered to become heirloom pieces and hold their value for a very long time. Pick watches that are simple and classic in design, something that can look good in formal wear or in weekend wardrobe. These kinds of watches never go out of fashion.

Trust your instincts.
The timepiece usually tells something about you and expresses your personality to the world. Have confidence in your own taste and pick the one that you feel most comfortable with. This way, you can enjoy wearing your watch for a very long time.

Think about lifetime service.
Like engines, mechanical movements of watches require tuning up, such as cleaning and oiling, as well as battery changes for quartz movements after several years. Each model may have different needs for special services so consider how much it may cost. There are jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA, like McCarty’s Jewelry, which offer repairs for both vintage and contemporary timepieces, as well as band adjustments and waterproofing treatments.

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