More than a Token: A Genuine Gift from Fine Long Beach Jewelry Stores

Special occasions in Long Beach, California may never be complete without exchanging presents. For anniversaries, the best gifts you can give your wife include a vacation and jewelry. Unlike buying a vacation package, however, purchasing jewelry requires diligence to ensure you are getting only genuine quality pieces.

Real Gem

If you’ve decided to give your wife a gold necklace with a gem clasp, for example, you first need to check its authenticity before forking out money. Consider the tips given by Harriette Halepis in an article for

“In order to see the many colors that a gem can produce, hold a stone up to any kind of light. By placing the stone close to your eye and tilting it, you should be able to see a variety of colors. A real gem will produce a rainbow of colors; stones that do not produce color are frequently fake.

If you believe that you have a genuine ruby, take the time to find out about the qualities of a genuine ruby. If your stone does not have the same qualities and details as real rubies do, you may not have a gem. When shopping for a real gem, ask about the origin of a stone. Certain stones only come from specific geographical locations, so stones that seem to come from unusual places may not be real.”

The prices of jewelry pieces vary according to their composition–items with genuine diamond stones typically being the most expensive. The author suggests that you ask to see a piece’s or a stone’s certificate of authenticity, especially if it is a highly valuable piece. If a certificate is not available, you can consider having the piece appraised before buying it. Many reliable jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA are open to such an arrangement to show their good faith.

To give you the confidence that you are getting only genuine precious stone or metal pieces, you can also consider other factors, like how long the Long Beach jewelry store has been operating, the types of stones and services they offer, and the reputation the store has built over the years. Establishments like McCarty’s Jewelry, which have been in operation for decades and are considered the leaders in the area, can be trusted to sell only high quality, authentic jewelry pieces.

Giving genuine jewelry as gifts will not only abundantly express your emotions; it can also serve as a wonderful investment for the recipient, making the gift a valuable one indeed.

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